We are fostering a vibrant community of developers; including makers, researchers, and businesses. This adds tremendous value to our platform through:

  • Increased sensor, driver, and software availability and support
  • Enabling businesses to quickly transition ground-breaking research from the lab into commercial products
  • Providing researchers with avenues for increased flight data and greater real-world feedback

We are developing this community through a combination of design choices, business practices, and partnerships:

  • A Teensy based processor forms the backbone of our flight control system, communicating with all of our sensors and providing a hard real-time environment. It is an extremely powerful processor with a friendly development environment and a vibrant community of developers.
  • We develop and contribute open-source sensor drivers, flight software, and a high-fidelity aircraft simulation. In addition to being critical for our flight control system, these tools contribute back to the broader community.
  • We partner with Universities that publish flight data and software open-source, such as the University of Minnesota. This enables researchers to develop algorithms against this open-source data and businesses to transition research into commercial products.