Would you like additional support for your flight research program or are you ready to transition your prototype into a commercial product? We can help!

We have supported hundreds of ground and flight tests for vehicles ranging from small drones to commercial aircraft. We specialize in:

  • Design of experiments and instrumentation
  • Flight control system design and tuning
  • Parameter identification and estimation
  • Performance estimation and flight data analysis

We have the licenses, experience, software, and tools to perform these services quickly, enabling you to rapidly progress in your research and development.

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Additionally, when you’re ready to transition your prototype into a commercial product, we have the experience to take our system and package it into a proprietary flight control system that will meet your requirements for size, power, cost, and reliability.

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Executive Biographies

Brian Taylor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has a demonstrated history of successful technical leadership. He has worked on over 15 different drone aircraft ranging from 5 lbs to over 500 lbs. Brian is currently the Director of the University of Minnesota Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Laboratories where he leads several concurrent UAS research and development programs involving about $6M and 30 people. Brian collaborates often with government, industry, and academia in the drone space. Prior to joining the University, Brian was the NASA Deputy Chief Engineer on the X-48C UAS aircraft and the Technical Lead for Subsonic Fixed Wing Flight Controls and Dynamics research at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. He has nearly 40 publications, invited presentations, acknowledgments, and news articles. Brian has a private pilot’s license, instrument rating, complex and high performance endorsements and a passion for aviation.

Chris Regan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has extensive technical leadership experience and strong business acumen. Chris is a Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota where he leads the research and development of a morphing wing UAS, setting up manufacturing processes and tracking schedules and budgets. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota, while at The Boeing Company, Chris lead research and development for the 777-9X Wing Automated Assembly, managing project planning, scheduling, and budgets. At NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Chris was the NASA Chief Engineer on the X-48B UAS aircraft, provided technical support to NHTSA investigating unintended acceleration of Toyota vehicles, and was the Flight Controls and Dynamics Lead for the X-56A UAS aircraft. He has a private pilot’s license.