Flight Products

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Integrated Research Drones

Two fixed wing and one multi rotor drone are available fully integrated and ready for research. The fixed wing platforms are based on the X-UAV Talon and Ultra Stick 60 while the DJI Flame Wheel is used for our multi rotor platform.

image-left The X-UAV Talon is a large fixed wing drone with a pusher motor configuration and is capable of carrying large payloads. This setup is ideal for research and development for fixed wing drone applications and sensors, such as precision agriculture and power line, road, or rail inspection. Can acheive flight times as long as two hours!

image-right The Ultra Stick 60 is a maneuverable fixed wing drone. This drone is ideal for flight controls and dynamics education and research. It is structurally stiff with low inherent stability. The drone is small, lightweight, and hand launchable. Various sizes of Ultra Stick aircraft been used extensively at the University of Minnesota for flight controls and dynamics courses and research. These aircraft are also used at NASA and DLR (the German equivalent of NASA) for early stage research. Flight validated aerodynamic models and Simulink simulations are available. We think the Ultra Stick 60 is the perfect size, more payload capacity than the Ultra Stick 25e and much easier to transport and operate than the Ultra Stick 80 or 120.

The DJI Flame Wheel is a large hexacopter. With ample payload capability and long flight times, this drone is ideal for researching multi rotor drone applications and sensors, such as precision agriculture and building inspections.

All of our integrated drones include:

  • Our fully integrated flight control system with software loaded, configured, and tested.
  • Integrated GPS, SBUS, and telemetry receivers.
  • All components necessary for the drone to be flight ready (servos, ESC’s, propellers, batteries).
  • Fully calibrated sensors and actuators.

In addition, our fixed wing drones include a Swift air data system for accurately measuring airspeed. In order to provide a world class aeronautics research platform, the Ultra Stick 60 also includes:

  • Calibrated potentiometers for measuring and recording control surfaces positions.
  • Raven Sensor and Actuator Nodes to make the wings swapable between aircraft and add additional sensing capability.
  • Moment of inertia and actuator testing.
  • Aerodynamic, mass properties, and actuator models and a Simulink simulation.

Our X-UAV Talon and DJI Flame Wheel integrated research drones are $4,000 and the Ultra Stick 60 is $10,000. Please contact us if you have questions, would like more information, or would like to discuss additional options.

It’s a high quality, research ready drone in a box! You only need to supply a transmitter and battery charger.

Looking for something different? We also offer fully custom drone integrations and can even build up a full research laboratory for your institution or business. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Integrated Flight Control System $450

Our Marmot Flight Management Unit integrated with a BeagleBone Black. Starting with your configuration, your flight control system will arrive with fully loaded, configured, and tested software. Includes standoffs, screws, and wiring harnesses. Truly plug and play and ready for research.

Includes: Marmot Flight Management Unit; BeagleBone Black; loaded, configured, and tested software; all wiring harnesses; standoffs and screws.

Marmot Flight Management Unit $160


The central component to the Bolder Flight Systems architecture. Integrates with a BeagleBone Black to provide dual heterogeneous processors, integrated IMU and pressure sensors, onboard voltage regulation, and heaps of ports for expansion. More Information

Includes: Marmot Flight Management Unit (BeagleBone Black not included), standoffs and screws.

Raven Sensor and Actuator Node $300


Add additional sensors and actuators to your system and simplify your wiring. Includes a powerful hard real-time processor for distributed computing, low latency buses for working with the Marmot FCS, and heaps of ports for expansion. More Information

Includes: Raven Sensor and Actuator Node and a BFS-Bus cable to integrate with the Marmot FMU.

Swift Air Data $75


A high accuracy air data sensor for measuring static and differential pressures. Packaged to integrate easily with the Marmot FCS and Raven Node. More Information

Includes: Swift Air Data sensor with an airspeed range of 0-57 m/s (0-128 mph) and an I2C cable for integration with the Marmot FCS or Raven Node. Please contact us for pricing and availability of optional speed ranges: 0-29 m/s (0-65 mph) or 0-40 m/s (0-90 mph). I2C addresses are set to their default of 0x10 (static pressure) and 0x11 (differential pressure). If you would like different I2C addresses programmed, simply let us know, this can be done at no cost to you and with no impact on delivery time.

Add On Modules $25

Modules to breakout PWM, SBUS, and analog signals to convenient 0.1” (2.54 mm) headers, which fit standard servo connectors. PWM and SBUS modules accept external servo power of up to +9.9V and 12A. The analog module supplies +3.3V power for convenient integration of potentiometers (i.e. for control surface position or wind angle measurement).

Add high accuracy inertial data with a VectorNav add on module. This module easily integrates a VN-100 or VN-200 IMU with the Marmot FCS and features high speed SPI communication. Low level drivers are available for setting up the VectorNav sensors and collecting data. More Information

Includes: Module, standoffs and screws, and cable to integrate with Marmot FMU or Raven Node. VectorNav module only includes the solder-ready breakout board for a VectorNav VN-100 or VN-200 surface mount IMU. Please contact us if you would like us to source and integrate the VectorNav IMU for you.