Backpack Frame

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Solo: $15 Double: $18


Available in Solo and Double variants, the Teensy Backpack Frame allows you to easily mount your teensy and provide external power from 8 - 28V! Both variants have four 2-56 mounting holes and a screw terminal for accepting 16-28 AWG wire. The Double variant stacks two teensy footprints side-by-side, enabling you to use more backpacks with a lower stack height.

Both frames include the R-78E-1.0 switching power regulator, which provides 1A of clean 5V power from a 8 - 28V input. Unlike linear regulators, switching regulators are very efficient, and this one has a typical efficiency of over 90%.

The Teensy Backpack Frame comes fully assembled and tested.

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Technical Details

  • Temperature range: -40 to +85C (output load derated above +60C)
  • Input wire gauge: 16 - 28 AWG
  • Input voltage range: 8 - 28V
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output current: 1A