GNSS Backpack




Find your location with our multi-constellation GNSS Backpack, which is built around the uBlox SAM-M8Q GNSS module. Featuring an integrated patch antenna, the SAM-M8Q can simultaneously track GPS, Galileo and GLONASS with SBAS and QZSS augmentation at rates of up to 10 Hz. What this means for your application is high accuracy, fast update rates, and extremely fast times to first fix.

Unlike many uBlox M8 series breakouts, we’ve integrated an I2C interface and a PPS interface in addition to the standard UART. This gives you flexibility choosing your interfaces and enables you to syncronize your applications with the uBlox pulse per second (PPS) signal. Please refer to our pinout for more details.

We’ve also integrated a CR2032 coin cell battery to retain receiver settings and provide faster fix times. Finally, we’ve designed the receiver module to have the option of either mounting directly to the GNSS Backpack or being remote mounted and secured with four 2-56 mounting holes.

To jump start all of your fabulous creations with this module, we created a high performance uBlox library for Arduino, which parses the UBX protocol and provides location, velocity, and status data through an easy to integrate API.

The GNSS Backpack comes fully assembled and tested.

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Technical Details

  • Temperature range: -40 to +85C
  • Interfaces: UART, I2C (default address 0x42), PPS
  • Time to first fix: 26s cold start, 1s hot start
  • Supported constellations: GPS, Galileo and GLONASS
  • Update rate: 10 Hz
  • SAM-M8Q datasheet
  • uBlox M8 protocol