SBUS Backpack




Bring your robot, drone, or movable project dreams to life with the SBUS Backpack! SBUS is a relatively new communication protocol for servos that enables up to 16 servos to be actuated from a single bus. This often means much cleaner wiring for your project.

We pinned 8 SBUS outputs to 0.1” (2.54mm) header for easy integration with standard servo connectors. Ground and power are bussed to all of the outputs, simply connect a speed controler (ESC) or regulator (BEC) to provide power to all of your servos.

One of the SBUS output pins can be optionally configured as SBUS input, enabling you to receive data from an SBUS capable receiver. We even provide a configurable solder junction to enable you to provide the receiver with 5V power from the Teensy. With this configuration, you could use the SBUS input to receive pilot commands, our Motion Backpack to estimate your drone’s orientation and still have 7 SBUS outputs to fly your drone with attitude based control laws! Or additionally add our GNSS Backpack to have a full autopilot capable of waypoint navigation!

Need even more output? You can stack two of these SBUS Backpacks to get 16 channels of SBUS output! To make integration easy, we created an Arduino SBUS library.

The SBUS Backpack comes fully assembled and tested.

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Technical Details

  • 8 channels SBUS output, expandable to 16 channels
  • Bussed ground, power, and standard servo connectors
  • Optional SBUS input


  1. PWM Introduction: Learn about the de facto standard for controlling servos, PWM!
  2. Reading PWM: Gain experience measuring pulse widths!
  3. SBUS Introduction: Learn about one of the newest, coolest methods of commanding servos, SBUS!
  4. Reading SBUS: Gain experience reading SBUS packets!
  5. SBUS to PWM Converter: Use your knowledge of PWM and SBUS to create your own SBUS to PWM converter!