Brian Taylor


Brian is an innovator, entrepreneur, and a technical leader. He has significant technical experience in circuit board design and assembly, embedded software development, vehicle dynamics, estimation, and simulation. Prior to founding Bolder Flight Systems, Brian was the Director of the University of Minnesota UAS Research Labs, where he led several concurrent research projects and worked regularly with stakeholders from industry, government, and academia. He grew the lab from a small research group into a leading flight research organization. Brian wrote and was Co-PI on six research grants, totalling about $6M in funding. Prior to joining the University, Brian was a researcher at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) where he conducted innovative parameter estimation research and led an extensive ground and flight test campaign on the X-48B. Brian was the Deputy Chief Engineer on the X-48C through development and initial flight testing. He has over 40 publications, invited presentations, acknowledgments, and news articles. Brian has a private pilot’s license, instrument rating, complex and high performance endorsements, and a passion for aviation.

Chris Regan


Chris Regan has extensive technical experience and strong business acumen. Chris is Director of the University of Minnesota UAS Research Labs and a PhD candidate researching robust control in the presence of state limitations. Chris has extensive experience in experiment design, vehicle modeling, and controls. He recently developed an innovative simulation capability at the University enabling rapid transition from vehicle concept through simlation and flight validation. The system was developed for users ranging from graduate students implementing their first control law to seasoned researchers seeking a quick and easy platform to test new methods. As an instructor in the Aerospace Engineering Department, Chris teaches two courses in design with an emphasis on systems engineering, fundamental engineering practice, and validation. Previously, Chris was a researcher at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. He was the lead flight control engineer for the X-56A project during its formulation and design phase. He was the NASA Chief Engineer for the X-48B aircraft from 2008 to 2012. For the X-48B program Chris developed and implemented an in-flight stability estimation system that was used throughout the flight test program.

Melissa Iszler

Senior Engineer

Melissa Iszler has a diverse set of skills and leadership experience. She has worked on 13 different aircraft of various types consisting of UAS, helicopters, fighters, and one bomber. Prior to joining Bolder Flight Systems, Melissa worked in the private industry and for the Department of Defense in the engineering fields of aircraft airworthiness, flight test, aircraft performance, flying qualities, air data, structures, maintenance, and repairs. She has experience in various types of engineering from technical to hands-on roles such as control room operations, computer modeling, manufacturing support, maintenance field support, and aircraft repair and inspections. She also has a private pilot’s license.

Callie Holland

Senior Engineer

Callie Holland, PMP, has a background in both flight operations and technical project management. She has a proven ability to deliver high quality products ahead of schedule, frequently exceeding customer expectations. During her tenure at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Callie served as the Lead Flight Operations Engineer on the F-15B Aeronautics Research Testbed ensuring aircraft airworthiness and providing real-time flight support. She has a private pilot’s license.

Curt Olson

Senior Engineer

Curt Olson has extensive experience developing software, UAS autopilots, flight control systems, image processing research, and operating UAS. Curt has a Master's degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota. He developed and manages Flight Gear, an open source flight simulator. Curt also developed several flight control systems and software for UAS in support of research at the University and NOAA. Recently, Curt has been conducting research at the University in precision agriculture, invasive species detection, and developing innovative real-time image processing algorithms.