As a spinoff of the University of Minnesota UAS Research Labs, we are building on years of experience and ground breaking research to bring you an innovative flight control system that is unique in its exceptional low-latency, determinism, and scalability.

Develop, test, and debug new sensors or algorithms faster with repeatable actions and guaranteed performance. Our system executes the same, every time.

Dramatically reduce post-processing time and cost with highly accurate position, orientation, and sampling time data.

Seamlessly scale from simple to complex vehicles with support for unlimited sensors and actuators.

Develop quickly with powerful libraries for all of our sensors, vast 3rd party support, standard C++ coding, and USB software uploading.

Openly publish your work and use our system as the basis for your open-source or commercial products. All of our software is licensed MIT or LGPL.

Transition to a commercial product with our engineering and flight test services.