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Exceptional Value

Bring your autonomy technology to market safer and at a fraction of the time and cost. Our innovative integrated avionics backbone is extraordinarily flexible while maintaining low-latency and determinism, enabling your technology to be rapidly and safety integrated on ground, air, and space vehicles.

Flexibility and Robustness

Our core technology is an innovative, tightly integrated bus topology, configuration overlay system, and scheduler. These key components enable our integrated avionics backbone to support an unlimited number of sensors, actuators, and processors. Our system rapidly configures timing-critical sensing, estimation, and control algorithms and includes a flexible messaging interface with language-neutral API's for integrating payloads and higher-level autonomy control loops. A fixed time delay between sensing and actuation is maintained, which enables analysis of system robustness to uncertainties and external disturbances. This feature is critical to ensuring that your autonomous system will operate safely and reliably. This combination of flexibility and robustness is unique to our integrated avionics backbone.

Wide Ranging Applications

With unparalleled data quality, flexibility, and robustness, our system has been used to support cutting-edge research and commercialization on a wide-range of vehicles and applications at Universities, government agencies, and within industry:

  • Autonomous pothole detection and mapping using city buses
  • Invasive species surveys and mapping on fixed-wing drones
  • Multi-rotor handling-qualities research
  • Active flutter suppression and wing morphing of a large fixed-wing drone
  • Portable data acquisition system for manned research aircraft
  • High-altitude balloon and nanosatellite x-ray navigation research


Our team are experts in design of experiments, vehicle dynamics, estimation, stability, and controls. We will work with you to develop and conduct an efficient test campaign. We'll analyze your data and rapidly update your vehicle models, simulations, and control laws. We can estimate your vehicle's performance and check for robustness against disturbances and uncertainties.


We own the hardware and software. When you're ready to transition your technology into a product, we'll repackage our system to meet your operational requirements in a breath-takingly small and robust device. We can design systems to meet the harshest environmental conditions, including wide thermal ranges, conformal coatings, ingress protection, and water-proofing. All of our design, manufacturing, and assembly is conducted in the United States and we can support ITAR and Export Controlled projects.

Class Leading Support

We're with you every step of the way. We offer turnkey solutions to deploying and maintaining your autonomous fleet. We'll manage manufacturing and integration of control systems into your vehicles and seamless rollouts of validated software updates. We'll monitor data from your vehicles and update control laws to maintain robustness and performance over the long haul.

Continuous Innovation

We're a team of innovators. Constantly re-investing into research and development, we're working to advance the state of the art in flexible, safety-focused autonomous systems. We were recently awarded two NASA Small Business Innovative Research grants building on our core technology to improve the safety, performance, and robustness of autonomous vehicles.

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