Bolder Flight Systems


We're experts in flight control and data acquisition system design, manufacturing, and flight validation. Our services enable you to more quickly realize your R&D and commercialization goals. Contact us today at and let's talk about what you would like to build together.


Do you have an unmet need for a flight control or data acquisition system or component? We can design, develop, prototype, validate, and manufacture a product that will meet your needs.


Are you ready to take your flight control system to the next level? Let us help you bring your technology to market at an astonishing speed! We'll repackage our system to meet your operational requirements in a breath-takingly small and robust device. We can design systems to meet the harshest environmental conditions, including wide thermal ranges, conformal coatings, ingress protection, and water-proofing. All of our design, manufacturing, and assembly is conducted in the United States.

Flight Validation

Our team are experts designing and conducting flight tests on manned and unmanned aircraft and we have supported hundreds of test flights on dozens of manned and unmanned aircraft. We can help you design test points, integrate data acquisition and flight control systems, and analyze ground and flight test data. Have a need to flight validate early-stage R&D? We also have Part 107 compliant multi-rotor and fixed-wing vehicles, experienced pilots, and the flight test facilities to quickly and efficiently test your technology.

Research and Development

We're a team of innovators and we regularly participate in NASA and DoD Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants as prime and sub contractors. If you have an idea for a grant proposal and are looking to bring in an experienced team with embedded hardware and software prototyping, manufacturing, and commercialization expertise, please contact us today and let's collaborate on your next proposal.