Flight control and data acquisition systems with unparalleled data quality and robustness.

Rooted in Experience

We're a team of former NASA and DoD researchers and flight test engineers. We understand the harshness of the flight environment and critical importance of data quality and robustness. We also understand the extensive level of effort required to complete a flight test program. Our innovative flight control and data acquisition systems are designed to enable you to rapidly transition concepts through flight research, development, and commercialization while providing class-leading data quality and robustness.

Turn-key Flight Control System

Leveraging flexibility in our flight control system, we will work with you to rapidly gather flight and ground test data on your vehicle, enabling us to explore sensing options, develop vehicle models, and design control laws. Because we own the hardware and software, we will repackage our flight control system to perfectly integrate with your vehicle while minimizing size, weight, cost, and power. We'll manage manufacturing and integration of control systems into your vehicles and seamlessly deploy validated software updates to your fleet.

Portable Data Acquisition System (PDAS)

Developed with the International Test Pilots School (ITPS), PDAS was designed and built to deliver high quality aeronautics data in a small and portable package.

  • 200 Hz sample rate
  • High accuracy GNSS-aided INS
  • 12 ultra-low noise analog channels with configurable gains
  • Air data measurement and estimation
  • IADS interface for real-time displays and analysis
  • Simple configuration, flexible power options

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