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OnFlight Hub

OnFlight is a high quality data logger for the General Aviation pilot. OnFlight is ideal for student pilots, CFIs, experimental aircraft builders conducting their Phase I flight test program, and pilots who would enjoy to see their previous flights and their performance. OnFlight is also useful for flight schools, aircraft rentals, and insurance providers who would like to monitor their pilot's performance. OnFlight Hub includes:

  • 50 Hz sample rate, logging to a micro SD card
  • High accuracy GPS-aided INS
  • Data available in CSV format
  • Real time streaming to ForeFlight for use as a GPS source and a backup AHRS
  • 13+ hour battery life, 2.5 hours to charge with a USB-C port
  • GoPro and tripod adapters provide flexible and fast mounting options
  • Wireless integration with portable air data and AGL altimeter sensors, including the Stadia LIDAR
  • Designed and assembled in the US

OnFlight data is natively supported by AviNet and a converter for MacOS and Windows is included to convert data to CSV, CloudAhoy, or MATLAB MAT v4 data formats. Data is streamed in real-time to GDL90 devices, including ForeFlight. The OnFlight Hub is plug-and-play compatible with the Skeeter Enterprises Stadia LIDAR Above-Ground-Level (AGL) altimeter.

OnFlight Hub is in stock, shipping, and the price is $299. The OnFlight Hub can be bundled with the Stadia LIDAR AGL Altimeter for $840, a 5% discount. See the Stadia product page for a discription of the available options. International shipping is not available for Stadia.

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