OnFlight Hub

High-quality data logging for all pilots!


OnFlight Hub is the premier flight data logger in the OnFlight family from BFS - and the first of its kind. Ideal for all pilots: student, CFI, backcountry, aerobatic, ultralight, experimental, and anyone who'd enjoy reviewing their previous flights and performance. Useful for flight schools, aircraft rentals, insurance providers, and research and development.

OnFlight Hub Specs

  • Hight-rate data capture: 50 samples per second
  • Utilizes a GPS-aided inertial navigation system (INS) to record:
    • attitude, true and magnetic heading
    • inertial position and altitude
    • ground speed, ground track, and flight path angle
    • rate of climb and load factor
    • 3-axis acceleration and rotational rates
    • static pressure and pressure altitude
  • Integrates with AviNet, CloudAhoy, FlySto, and ACROWRX for data sharing and analysis
  • Real-time streaming to GDL90 apps like ForeFlight, providing GPS and a backup AHRS
  • Compatible with portable air data, AGL altimeters like Stadia LIDAR and RADAR, and heart-rate monitors
  • Data files can be converted to MATLAB and CSV formats
  • Interfaces are published, so endless integrations with 3rd party systems are possible
  • Portable and lightweight - only 4.95 oz
  • 13+ hours battery, full charge in 2.5 hours
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth + WiFi
  • Easy mounting to windshields or glareshields with GoPro and tripod mounts, or any flat surface with velcro
  • All our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US. Materials are sourced in the US as much as possible

OnFlight Hub + Stadia

OnFlight Hub can integrate with the Skeeter Enterprises Stadia LIDAR Above Ground Level (AGL) Altimeter. This portable AGL altimeter can be quickly attached to a wing strap or tie-down bolt and features a battery life of 10 hours and a maximum range of 130 ft AGL. Data is sent via Bluetooth to the OnFlight Hub. Stadia can be bundled with OnFlight Hub for $1,030, a 5% savings compared to buying these components individually. Stadia comes in three different models:

  • Model A - Wing Strut Braced - Struts with thickness from 1-5/32" - 1-3/4" (typically for airplanes with Cub style struts)
  • Model B - Wing Strut Braced - Struts with thickness from 1-3/4" - 2-3/8" (typically for airplanes with Cessna style struts)
  • Model L - For most aircraft with Tie-Down rings or other attachment points